Best Skin Lightening - Hydroquinone System w/ Glycolic Acid and SPF15 UVA-UVB Sun Protection
Jevelle's Skin Lightening w/ Hydroquinone System
Best Skin Lightening - Whitening - Available Only Here!

Effective for Age Spots, Brown Spots, Acne Spots, Uneven Skin Tone, Freckle Treatment

Nighttime Skin Lightening Cream
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Fade Cream

Hydroquinone 2%

The active lightening agent (hydroquinone 2%) has been incorporated into an easy spreading, light weight more emollient cream that is used on the face at night in conjunction with the Dark Spot Fade Gel. It is also effective for any skin discoloration that may result from sun, contraceptive pills or pregnancy mask. Contains no mercury compounds or mineral oil, which is found many lightening products. Ingredients.

Glycolic Acid Skin Lightening Gel  Click to enlarge


Dark Spot Fade Gel
Glycolic Acid 5%, Hydroquinone 2% 

Double Action Night Gel with Glycolic Acid and Hydroquinone. A special blending of hydroquinone in a light gel that not only helps speed the lightening results but improves skin texture and tone. Oily skin in particular will prefer this light gel. Yet, any skin type will benefit by alternating this gel with the Nighttime Fade Cream.  ( 2 weeks gel, 2 weeks Nighttime Fade Cream). Ingredients.

Daytime Skin Lightening Cream
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Fade Cream SPF-15
Hydroquinone 1%

An advanced, botanical day-time formula for skin-lightening, which will speed up results without causing light sensitivity. In the Orient, lime and mulberry extracts have been used for many years for their skin lightening effects. We've learned that mulberry contains PHENYL FLAVANOID, which inhibits the formation of melanin, the color producing agent in skin. Ingredients.

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Jevelle's Skin Lightening w/ Hydroquinone System

The most effective skin lightening products that you can find anywhere! It works so well that our customers become sellers.

A unique skin lightening - whitening system,
designed by a licensed esthetician with years of experience in the skin care field. Formulated to help clients acheive perfection for a more even toned skin, brighter and lighter complexion, for those who want to lighten their skin or have imperfections such as: age spots, freckles, melasma, acne spots from healed acne eruptions, birth control pill hyperpigmentation, sun spots, pregnancy mask, etc.

Our skin lightening system is referred by many doctors to their patients because it works better than a stand alone cream, even a cream with hydroquinone 4% because of the ingredients and the way it is formulated for deeper penetration of the skin plus a special form of Glycolic Acid 5%.

The effective lightening agent is Hydroquinone 2% & Glycolic Acid 5% in the Dark Spot Fade Gel night treatment. The Daytime Fade Cream formulated with
lime and mulberry extracts plus SP15 UVA-UVB protection prevents sun's rays from undoing what you have accomplished. The Daytime Fade Cream has 1% Hydroquinone to help the lightening process continue even in the daylight hours, (Hydroquinone should not normally be used in the daytime because of the fact that hydroquinone is known not to ineract well with the sun's rays and can cause some adverse side effects, but our Daytime Cream was designed specifically for the daytime, (that is the reason for 1% hydroquinone in the DAY CREAM THE OTHER 2 HAVE 2%).

Our skin lightening system was designed to work with all 3 items:
You may purchase each one individually but don't expect the same results if you just use 1 or 2 of the items individually because our Skin Lightening System was designed to work with
All 3 Items in order to achieve the maximum results it was designed for.

Follow the Directions that come with our system for
QUICKEST results. You won't find our system anywhere else, NOT in stores or on the internet and you won't find anything that even comes close to the results you will receive when you use it correctly by following the directions.


"Facial Skin Lightening System I"

All Skin Lightening Products Contain 2% Hydroquinone ( the maximum amount allowed by law )

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Facial System I Includes:
* Directions on how to use:   .
* Daytime Skin Lightening Cream 1.5 oz. 42g
* Nighttime Skin Lightening Cream 1 oz. 28g. 
* Glycolic Acid Skin Lightening Gel 1.5 oz. 42g.

Face System Only $65.40 

"Deluxe Skin Lightening System II
for Face & Body"

All Skin Lightening Products Contain 2% Hydroquinone ( the maximum amount allowed by law ) Face & Body Lightening

Skin Lightening for face and body
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Deluxe System II Includes:
* Directions on how to use: .
* Daytime Skin Lightening Cream   1.5 oz. 42g
* Nighttime Skin Lightening Cream   1 oz. 28g. 
* Glycolic Acid 5% Skin Lightening Gel  1.5 oz. 42g.
* Exfoliating Facial Skin Peel Cream 1.5 oz. 42g.
* Skin Lightening Body Lotion - 2% Hydroquinone  8 fl. oz. 236 ml.

  Face & Body System Only $110.30

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