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Stamina-Rx for Men

1 Bottle  (30 tablets) $34.95  Reg. Price $39.95  (Save $5.00).
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Stamina-Rx Herbal Sexual enhancement pill!
Yes We Do Have the Original "Stamina Rx"
Men and Stamina Rx for Women, the one that ... Really Works!! ..from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Online Sale Now .. Only $34.95 30 tablets.

The Incredible Sexual Pill, that Increases
Sexual Stamina and Stimuli !!
Herbal ... Alternative, NO PRESCRIPTION Required!

Re-capture the sexual vigor of your youth!

(stam' i na') - a revolutionary blend of herbs;
is a revolutionary sexual stimulant engineered to increase sexual stamina and arousal. Unlike the competition, HI-TECH uses only the highest grade extracts and nutriceuticals available in its raw material purchasing.

Stamina-Rx™ uses TWO proprietary components not found anywhere else in America.

1) Xanthoparmelia Scabosa - Induces smooth muscle relaxation, allowing for maxium arterial dilation and increased bloodflow.

2) Cnidium Monnier - increases nitric oxide release and inhibits PDE-5, allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time.

Also included in Stamina-Rx™ are four key components incorporated for their time-proven ability to enhance sexual performance.

1) Yohimbe 8% Extract - Yohimbine HCL, the active constituent, increases blood flow to the penis and dramatically increases libido. Stamina-RX™ contains the highest percentage yohimbine hcl found in the world! Again, beware of the competition! Products containing inferior yohimbe often have NO yohimbine hcl ... rendering it useless!

2) L-Arginine - Increases natural production of nitric oxide, leading to a more rigid erection.

3) Gamma Amino Butyric Acid - Increases dopamine levels, igniting a euphoric feeling and increasing sensations during orgasm.

4) Epimedium / Horney Goat Weed - Increases the sex drive as effectively as any compound known to science! Stamina-RX™ uses a 20:1 extract (5 times stronger than the competition!) to ensure "MAXIMUM Stimulation!"

Understanding How Stamina-Rx
Produces Such Amazing Results

utilizes a coumar isolated from
cnidium monnier called osthole. This compound stimulates the production of nitric oxide, leading to the production of cyclic GMP (cGMP). It is the cGMP which ultimately affects smooth muscle relaxation, allowing the penile arteries to expand and fill with blood!


PDE-5 is an enzyme that binds to and digests cGMP.

If cGMP is digested too quickly, its "relaxing" affect on penile smooth muscle tissue will be reversed, causing the erection to weaken (in many cases this will happen so rapidly, it will appear as if no erection was ever present).
Simply stated  ... PDE-5 can be a REAL erection killer!


Stamina -Rx utilizes xanthoparmelia scabrosa, a natural source of Pyrazolo pyrimidinone (a core component of leading prescription medications for impotence). This component of the Stamina-Rx
formula serves to effectively inhibit PDE-5 activity ... allowing the body to sustain an erection!

cnidium monnier
xanthoparmelia scabrosa

vs. The Competition

Stamina-Rx is virtually unchallenged as an over-the-counter, dietary supplement in the sexual stimulant market. Due to the escalating costs of raw materials necessary to design an effective sexual aid, most manufactures offer inert (essentially useless) "powder in a bottle."

Typically, little effort is given to finding the highest level of "activity" in the plants / herbs used, and limited resources are committed to quality Research and Development.

At HI-TECH, They say they are well aware of the importance of cutting-edge technology. As our research team, led by a leading Pharmacologist and Board Certified Physician, has shown time and again, the tireless pursuit of effective, all-natural alternatives to prescription drugs can often lead to amazing discovery!

Such has been the case with Stamina- Rx™ !

HI-TECH is now the exclusive importer of Xanthoparmelia scabrosa extract and cnidium monier extract ... incorporating these two advanced nutraceuticalcs in the Stamina-Rx™ formula.

Stamina-Rx also utilizes 4mg of Yohimbine Hydrochloride, which remains the ONLY F.D.A. approved compound for diminished sex drive and libido. (Currently, a prescription dosage of Yohimbine HCL is 5mg.).

No other sexual stimulant on the market today can come CLOSE to matching the potency of Stamina-Rx™.


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Don't be fooled by Imitations

There is a company on the internet selling (the label says Stamina-Rx) what looks like Stamina-Rx, the same bottle has been used, and the label has been copied to look exactly the same as the original Stamina-Rx but it is not authentic. It is an imposter, and it does not say from:
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. 
which is the company that orginated Stamina-Rx and made it popular Internationally.

The imposter claims to be the original but it is not true. If you purchase it you will find out the hard way, by wasting your money.

Jevelle has been selling STAMINA-RX for many years now and we always have purchased it from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals from the very beginning and we know this is the genuine Stamina-Rx that works so well to enhance one's sex life. It is the original that everyone was looking for, that the U.S. government didn't want you to have (and still doesn't), because it works so well without having to pay a doctor for a prescription.

The Imposter
If you read their label they try real hard to make it look like it has the same ingredients as the AUTHENTIC Stamina-Rx, but remember it is not, it is the imposter.

If you have purchased the imitation Stamina-Rx
you will think that it doesn't work anymore, what happened? If this has happened to you, we would like to hear from you.

About Label Reading
A label may read almost exactly the same as far as ingredients, but
that really doesn't tell you anything about how much of each ingredient and the quality or grade which is just as important. There can be dozens of different GRADES OF QUALITY. The composition of each ingredient makes a tremendous difference in product effectiveness.

The manner of blending is one other important "unknown" in label reading. HOW and WHEN an ingredient is mixed into the formulation. ALL OF THESE FACTORS AND MANY MORE can make a difference between night and day. So don't be fooled when you see a product advertised as the same formula, IT MAY LOOK THE SAME when comparing labels BUT IT PROBABLY IS NOT THE SAME. Don't waste your time or money on imitations. Know what you are purchasing, don't be fooled, and ripped off.